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First impressions do count, particularly in the business world. A company's signage is an important part of that impression. A sign must "speak" to customers and must communicate, instantly, what a company is and what it does. A sign also serves as a reflection of the company itself.

Claude Neon Federal is in the business of "sign language," specializing in interior graphics, on-premise electrical advertising and electronic message centers. The company, boasting a staff of 60 including skilled craftsmen, using the latest technologies, creating personalized graphics with endless possibilities.

Claude Neon Federal, which has been in Tulsa since 1926, takes its name from Georges Claude, a Frenchman who invented neon-sign making in the early 1920's. Licensing rights to process neon tubing in the United States were sold to Federal Sign and Signal Co. of Chicago, which franchised a Tulsa office.

The firm claims an impressive client list, many of whom have been customers since the 1930's. Although most of the company's work is in Oklahoma, signs for Tulsa-based clients who have operations in other states have taken Claude Neon Federal's work throughout the United States.

The Tulsa World sign was recently awarded 1st Place in the International Sign Association's 2006 Sign Contest

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  • Exterior Signs
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  • Plastic Flexible Faces
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